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Custom Garage Doors – Acrylic Doors

Individually designed and manufactured, an acrylic garage door is the perfect enhancement to a trendy and chic architecturally designed home. Allowing the maximum light through to the inside of your garage, these doors make a stylish statement to your new home in a variety of colour combinations to suit.


Plenty of Choice

Our acrylic garage doors are a versatile product. The panels are available in five attractive standard colours, including:

As against glass door panel, acrylic door panel gives various advantages like light weight, resistance to breakage, glare-free view, tinted shades, thermal insulation etc. Acrylic garage door is more economical as compared to tinted toughened glass. Superior performance and innumerable options make acrylic sheet an ideal material in architectural applications.

They are also manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, so there is bound to be an option to suit your tastes and requirements.

We have a massive selection of frame colours you can pair with your acrylic panels too, from Manor Red and Classic Cream to Cottage Green and Night Sky. You can mix and match to create the perfect look for your home.

Frame is available in mill finish and Dulux Colorbond colours along with Dulux Silver Pearl and Citi Pearl.

Acrylic vs. Glass

When compared to glass panels, acrylic garage door panels have several advantages. For example:

  • They are more lightweight
  • They have greater breakage resistance
  • They reduce (or even eliminate) glare
  • They provide better insulation.

With acrylic, you get the glass-like qualities of clarity, brilliance and translucence, but at half the weight and 250 times the impact resistance. Less risk of a breakage means less danger of having to deal with broken glass and the injuries that can come from it (not to mention the headaches!).

Acrylic panels are superior when it comes to blocking both UV rays and noise as well. Sheets of acrylic are better thermal insulators than their glass counterparts as they provide about 20% more insulation. In fact, ordinary glass heats approximately 4 times faster than acrylic does, which means this option can reduce some of your garage’s heat and relieve some of the burden on your air conditioner.

The only way to match these benefits with a glass panel is to have the glass toughened and tinted. This is why acrylic panels are usually the more affordable option.

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